Fierce or Flirtatious?

This cute little Carolina Chickadee dropped in the other day.

He helped himself to a leisurely drink and then perched on a nearby branch.

All was fine until another Chickadee came close, at which point he flapped his wings frantically and puffed up his feathers quite impressively!

I’m not sure if he was trying to be fierce or flirtatious; either way, he was highly entertaining!

Once the newcomer opted to drink elsewhere, this little guy resumed his peaceful perching.

Never a dull moment in the bird world!

2 thoughts on “Fierce or Flirtatious?

  1. I haven’t seen that behavior in these little birds. I’ve seen it with the bigger guys, the red bellied woodpecker, and the bluejays. And of course my little red squirrel who lords over everything.

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