A Blur of Blue

I typically like to take pictures that convey a bird’s personality or show off a bit of its beauty, but occasionally, it’s fun to try and capture some movement.

Now, my backyard doesn’t lend itself to birds-in-flight photos as the overhead sky is obstructed by a labyrinth of limbs, so the best I can do is try and get birds coming and going from the feeders. Thankfully, my Blue Jays have been willing subjects lately.

Whether it be coming in for a landing…

…or preparing for take off…

…or flying away in possession of a prized peanut…

…these guys are fun to photograph!

I have to confess, I am usually a stickler for wanting pictures to be clean and crisp, but the unfuzzy focus in these shots doesn’t bug me. It helps to show the motion.

In fact, I’d say these Jays supplied a lovely blur of blue!

13 thoughts on “A Blur of Blue

  1. I love trying to show the movement too, because with our eye we miss all the intricacy of their wings when they’re spread out and the energy of their whole beings as they lift off or prepare to land. They are amazing creatures. Like you I have issues at my feeder, too many things too close together to get good shots, but out at my favorite park, with them coming and going from my hand, well, you never know! I LOVE your images of those noisy, bossy, hungry jays!

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