An Eagle Encounter

During our recent get away, Rick and I paid a visit (okay, several visits!) to the Orlando Wetlands in Christmas, Florida. (When we drove past a cemetery, I may or may not have said, “That’s where Santa is buried.”). Anyway, besides being my sexy camera bag carrier, hubby also serves as a spotter and scanner, and as we were heading toward a strip of land that separated two large ponds, he called out, “I think that’s an Eagle!”

Sure enough, perched on a tree top toward the center of the pond, his head feathers gleaming in the soon-to-be-setting sun, was a beautiful Bald Eagle.

This fellow would sit and survey the scene for awhile…

…then do a fly about in search of dinner…

…and then return to his perch…

…and resume his careful scanning.

After awhile, he would fly another circuit…

…causing a great deal of commotion amidst the Coots that were all clustered together, birds that are said to be more hen-like than duck-like. Pretty sure Eagles think they taste like chicken!

Speaking of Coots, I learned an interesting fact about them. Their sharp-clawed toes have a flap of skin that unfolds that not only helps them swim, but turns them into Jesus birds…literally, these guys can walk on water!

The ponds that the Eagle was perusing are a common hunting area for the resident Osprey, who were non too thrilled with this guy’s presence. The picture below (though fuzzy from cropping), gives you an idea of the lack of fondness these birds have for one another.

Eventually, the Eagle flew off out of sight. I’m not sure if he was returning to his nest, or simply opting to hunt elsewhere.

It was such a treat to get to watch this majestic bird out in the wild. Our Eagle encounter was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

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  1. I love the way you combine brilliant photographs with narratives, observed episodes in your subject’s daily doings. Fascinating, Kathy, how you weave & illustrate these avian plots.

    1. I so enjoy taking the pictures, but being able to share the pictures and stories with others doubles the pleasure. Thanks for your faithful words of encouragement.

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