Farewell to Florida

It only seemed fitting to make this Red-shouldered Hawk the featured bird in this final post of pictures from last month’s Florida trip.

I saw this guy several times while at the Orlando Wetlands, and at first I wasn’t even sure that it was a Red-shouldered Hawk because its head feathers were so light. But after a little digging (translate that to a quick google search!) I learned that there are regional differences, and that those in Florida are of the fairer-head-feather variety.

At one point, I snapped a picture of this beauty perched in the early evening light.

And then, he took off…

…and I came away with perhaps my favorite shots from the trip. Is he not utterly majestic?!

The reason it is fitting for this Hawk to be featured in this final post is because the very last picture I took as we left the wetlands was of him perched near the exit.

It seemed like he was bidding us farewell, though in Hawk language I’m fairly certain it was translated, “I’ll see you next year!”

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