Fine Finch Fellows

It seems like the male finches in the area are already sporting their finest colors.

This male House Finch, robed in royal raspberry, has been hanging about a good bit lately and seems to have already paired up with a cute little female finch.

Although they are a bit skittish, if I don’t make sudden movements they will sometimes give me inquisitive looks.

This male Goldfinch is glorious in his golden glow.

He doesn’t seem to have found his mate quite yet, and is trying to attract a gal by his sweet singing.

He too will sometimes give me a curious glance.

I think these little fellows are so beautiful!

Since there are few flowers in blossom, both types of finches have been regulars at the backyard feeders. Hopefully, when the Zinnias bloom, I will be able to get some pictures of these guys picking the flower petals, but for now, I’ll just keep enjoying their loveliness.

6 thoughts on “Fine Finch Fellows

  1. You have taken marvelous portraits of these two handsome fellows in all their glorious mating splendors. And as they know you’re there, they seem to be preening for you too.

  2. Such beautiful photos of these lovely little birds, Thankyou for giving me the chance of sharing your view!

  3. They ARE beautiful! I have them too, though some of my goldfinch males are still growing out their yellow feathers and are a bit splotchy. Most of them are all yellow though.

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