If Birds Were Batteries

If birds were batteries, the Chipping Sparrow would definitely be a Duracell!

Not only is this little bird quite energetic…

…but he has the telltale copper top!

Typically, these Sparrows eat the seed that falls from the deck to the ground below, but this guy has taken a liking to Bark Butter and has been visiting the upper level.

I love, love, love his earthy color tones. In fact, I would love some cozy socks and sweaters in those cream and copper colors!

4 thoughts on “If Birds Were Batteries

  1. These sparrows are beautiful in their earth tones. One can’t go wrong in an earth-tone wardrobe 🙂

  2. He certainly does look like that kid in class that just couldn’t sit still! That’s now from the days when I grew up, before “ADHD” was a diagnosis and ritalin a “cure”…

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