A Dozen Shots to Share

So, since the move, I’ve been trying to spend a bit of time outside each day, just hanging about the backyard near the feeders so the birds get used to my presence. On the days where the weather hasn’t been dull and drizzly, I’ve taken my camera (and the dogs) out with me.

Here’s a half dozen shots from this past week that didn’t really lend themselves to a narrative, but that seemed a shame not to share.

Male Downy Woodpecker. I think the cluster of brown leaves behind him made for a lovely blurred background.
Brown-headed Nuthatch. These little birds are the absolute friendliest. They are social and play well with others.
Female Eastern Bluebird. Well, the males have already started fighting over her, and it’s easy to see why.
Male American Goldfinch. Right now he is sporting his more muted winter color tones, but come summer he will be a brilliant sunshiny yellow.
Hermit Thrush. The sky behind her (not really sure if it’s a she) was kinda glary, but I had to include the picture because I am so thrilled that she is making routine appearances.
Male House Finch. There are a lot of these little birds showing up!

And here’s a half dozen more.

Female Red-bellied Woodpecker. She is a bit furtive, especially since the males are already having turf wars, and I’m pretty sure they see her as coming with the territory!
Brown Creeper. Another bird I am thrilled to have showing up. I have never had one come to the feeders so frequently. I’ve named this one Scooby.
Male Eastern Bluebird. Hard to think of a bird that is any more beautiful!
Male Pine Warbler. In the past, I have had one or two of these stunning fellas at the feeders at a time, but at the new house they are everywhere! It seems like every time I turn around there is a flash of gleaming gold flying by.
Dark-eyed Junco. These little ground feeders are raising their game and hopping up to the higher levels for food.
Male Northern Cardinal. These birds were probably the most common visitors to the feeders at my last house, but have been a bit slow to show up here. I am learning to appreciate their presence now that I have experienced their absence.

I am so grateful for the blessing of a new backyard that has beautiful birds!

10 thoughts on “A Dozen Shots to Share

  1. Thank you for the beautiful photos of your new neighbors. I have a pair of pileated woodpeckers here in my new yard. My neighbor upstairs is a birdwatcher too & she keeps her eye out for them & alerts me if I’m too deep in a book to be on watch. I’ve been asked not to feed the birds here because of all our bears. It is so hard as I’m longing to but must respect my new human neighbors (as I’m in a condo & share the surrounding grounds & trees.

    1. Oooh…Pileated! What fun! I am hoping to have some myself. I have seen glimpses of them, and can definitely hear their distinct call. I hope they keep turning up and provide you with oodles of entertainment. And I hope your condo turns out to be a tremendous blessing!

      1. Thank you, Kathy. Though I miss my old garden, trees & creatures, especially the many varieties of birds. Our Pileated Pair are very chatty, cackly & call constantly to the whole neighborhood as they work the trees up & down. I go out on the porch & watch them with joy.

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