Farewell ‘Til Fall

The Yellow-rumped Warblers who winter here in Georgia are heading north for the summer season.

When they first arrive here in early October, they come wearing their fall feathers – tan tones with a few pockets of light lemon, as seen in the flashback photo below.

But by the time they have molted and are ready for their spring migration, I hardly recognize them anymore. In fact, every year I think I have spotted a new Warbler when in reality it’s just a new wardrobe!

Aren’t they striking with their bold black ink streaks and yellow highlighter accents!

I will miss seeing them at the feeders, but I am glad that farewell is not forever, only ’til next fall.

8 thoughts on “Farewell ‘Til Fall

  1. and…..the first ones have arrived here in Kamloops, B. C., Canada, where they acrobatically flit from one budding maple tree sprig to another, endlessly going after who knows what. I assume that because it’s too early for insects, they make do the same way our arriving Robins go after over-wintered Mtn Ash berries. Once the maple leaves themselves start emerging, these little acrobats disappear to probably nest and seek out insects–all I know is, I only see them the end of April, beginning of May.
    Lovely photographs–you have that wonderful eye and magic trigger finger!

  2. We (apparently) have lots of warblers up here in summer. I have seen only one kind, a almost totally yellow one. I might have seen others but mistaken them for something else. They don’t sit still long, that’s for sure. I was camping and the yellow bird kept popping in and out of shrubs near my fire pit. I got lots of really bad pictures, but enough to send it out to friends to get an ID. I’m hoping to see more now that I know they’re here. I just have to pay better attention.

  3. These birds are extremely photogenic, They always look good for pictures! You did a great job yourself, Kathy making him look more handsome. Thank you. 🙂

  4. Adorable ! It’s amazing that you found this little guy (gal) and got such a clear photo. Thank you so much.

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