What’s the Hurry?

I’ve been waiting for a Tiger Swallowtail to show up in my backyard, and one finally blessed me with an appearance.

She (you can tell it’s a female by the band of blue at the base of the wings) only stayed for a brief visit, nipping at a few Lantana blossoms, and then she abruptly flew off.

As soon as she left, a Hummingbird Moth arrived and posed for a couple of pictures, but like the Swallowtail, only paid a brief visit before flying away.

I wanted to ask them why they were in such a hurry, but I’m pretty sure I know the answer!

My inquisitive sidekick (my “grand-doghter” who is staying with me and doesn’t leave my side) might have contributed to their reluctance to linger. She paid attention to whatever I paid attention to! Like my own dogs, she is a Labra-mutt; unlike my own dogs, she has endless energy! Isn’t she a beauty?

Here’s the trio of trouble all pictured together. If you are a dog lover, you probably recognize the “treat trance” as they wait for the banana slices I am holding. (My female chocolate lab mix is Chaco, my male black lab mix is Tucker, and I already introduced you to Lottie – a shepherd lab mix!)

Anyway, back to the butterfly…I wish the Swallowtail would have stuck around longer, but hey, a brief visit is better than none at all, eh?

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