Huron Happiness

I spent last week in lovely Kincardine, a community that sits on the shores of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada. May I just say that I fell head-over-heals in love with this place!

Hubby was there for a work trip, and he invited me to join him because he had travelled there last year and just knew that I would thoroughly enjoy this charming little town. We stayed at the Inn at the Harbour, which overlooks the historic Kincardine Lighthouse.

When we arrived, we were just in time to check-in and then head over to join the Kincardine Scottish Pipes Band (founded in 1908) which leads everyone in a parade down Queen Street on summer Saturday evenings. I couldn’t stop smiling as we marched along behind them, their bagpipes broadcasting a hauntingly beautiful tune. It was such good old-fashioned fun!

Each weekday morning, when Rick went to work, I wandered about enjoying the beauty.

I saw wonderful Warblers…

…chubby faced Chipmunks…

….majestic Monarchs…

…gorgeous gulls…

…and even managed to get a few shots of the fast flying Kingfishers of Kincardine, who perch near the edges of the Penetangore River, chattering and looking for fish to snare.

I also loved strolling along the shore of Lake Huron, which is a mosaic of multi-colored rocks.

And just to give you and idea of how clear the water is, the picture below is taken of the rocks that are resting on the lake floor, underneath the water.

Each afternoon, I packed up my bookbag and walked to the Daily Grind to grab a cup of coffee and sample a homemade pastry. Karen (the owner who is pictured below) is from Britain, and the recipes she makes were handed down to her by her grandmother. It would be hard to choose which was most delicious, but the one that made me a bit teary eyed was the date bar, as it was a special treat my own grandmother used to make for me.

Perhaps my favorite part of the trip was simply heading to the lake in the evening hours to watch the sun slowly sink beneath the water’s surface. Like the sound of the bagpipes, it’s a soul-stirring kind of beauty.

So, if you’re looking for a hustling bustling place, where there’s constant activity and tons of night life (other than the stars, of course!), then Kincardine probably isn’t your cup of tea. But, if you’re the sort – like me – who is refreshed by beauty and simplicity and friendly faces, then put this quaint community on the coast of Lake Huron on your “must visit” list. And do try the date bars, they’re delish!

8 thoughts on “Huron Happiness

  1. Sounds like your trip up north was wonderful. The closest to Canada I have gotten was to Mackinaw Island, also on Lake Huron and very quaint!

  2. Kincardine is lovely. My parents owned a cottage just south of there and you can’t beat Lake Huron sunsets! Glad you enjoyed it – especially liked your rock/stone photos.

  3. Oh my, this looks lovely! I have visited Lake Huron a few times, living in Michigan, but I’m always on the other side of the lake. My sister plays bagpipes, she’d love to visit too. Maybe she and I need to do a road trip.

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