Blossom Battles

The Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are back in town and are busy battling over the blossoms!

This beauty flitted about the Lantana flowers…

…paused briefly to investigate the Butterfly Bush…

,,,chased away a rival from the self-claimed territory…and then returned for more Lantana.

Meanwhile, just around the corner, another regal Ruby-throated was enjoying the Zinnias.

These little lovelies are fascinating to watch and frustratingly fun to photograph. They don’t sit still for a second!

I’m hoping they hang around at least through the month of August, though if they want to spend September here too I won’t complain!

7 thoughts on “Blossom Battles

  1. These are sweet! I know how hard it is to get them in stills. Video too I guess, though I haven’t tried. We have them buzzing around at each other now, we sit on the deck and they zoom around chasing each other. Seems like if they could learn to get along they’d expend less energy and have more time for sipping my inviting hummingbird offerings. I love the images where you’ve caught their wings going forward. That’s such a unique angle. I managed this only once in all the years I’ve tried to photograph them. 🙂

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