A September Surprise

I haven’t been out with the camera much lately (battling a non-covid cold), but today I thought, “I’ll just go out for ten minutes and see if anything photo worthy drops by.”

I’m so glad that I did! I was sitting on the deck and noticed a black and white blur in the overhead branches nearby, which turned out to be a Black and White Warbler – a bird I’ve never managed to get a picture of before!

This striking beauty only let me fire off a shot or two before flying off out of sight, but hey, I was only staying out for ten minutes anyway, right? Okay, who am I kidding? We all know that I would have stayed as long as he stayed!

I wonder what other surprises September will have in store?

14 thoughts on “A September Surprise

  1. That’s so cool! I saw only a bit of one, once when I was at a refuge. I didn’t know what it was and shared my somewhat blurry shot of a black and white something hiding in a thick bush to a group of birding friends and they labeled it for me. But honestly, I didn’t see much but a bit of the head and eye. Now I have another new to me bird, coming to my bird bath on the deck. I think I saw it also at the oiler feeder but not sure. Anyway, it’s very small and slender, smaller than a goldfinch, and more sleek. Has quite a bright spot of yellow at the base of it’s tail..but seems to be on the side, not on the middle of his (or her) butt). Hard to tell for sure as it doesn’t sit still. No streaks on it’s breast, like a pine siskin…so I’m at a loss.

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