The Last Summer Symphony

I can tell that fall is officially just around the corner because the backyard bird activity is starting to pick up.

When I went outside to fill the feeders yesterday, it wasn’t just that I saw a lot of birds…I heard them! It was as if they had all agreed to put on one last summer symphony before the temporary residents head to where the weather will stay warmer.

Some of the year-rounders were there, like this lovely male Pine Warbler, who was clearly one of the lead vocalists.

Joining the Warbler was this Chickadee, who was dancing and darting about…

This male Red-bellied Woodpecker, who was hanging about…

And this young male Bluebird (just getting his grown up feathers) who was wondering what all the commotion was about!

The Brown-headed Nuthatch just showed up because he heard there was free food!

One of the soon-to-be-departing birds that dropped in to join the chorus was this beautiful Black and White Warbler.

Another was this immature (in age, not behavior!) Chestnut-sided Warbler, who risked coming out of his hiding place to lend his voice for a note or two.

After his brief performance, he dashed back into the safety of the Wisteria vines.

The Chestnut-sided Warbler was a first for me, so that was exciting. It took awhile to identify this lovely little bird, but hubby found an app called “Picture Bird” that was wonderfully helpful.

I have to say that the unexpected summer symphony was quite delightful; now I’ll just have to wait and see what they have in store for the fall festival!

3 thoughts on “The Last Summer Symphony

  1. These are wonderful! I LOVE the young bluebird, so cool to see him in between like that. I would have identified the Pine Warbler as a female goldfinch. Now I wonder if I have any warblers in my backyard! We DID have a yellow warbler for two days back in August. But I don’t know about any others back there. Odds are we do! Thank you for sharing these images!

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