No Insult Intended

A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker paid a visit to the Bark Butter branch late yesterday afternoon.

Of the handful of woodpeckers that hang out in my backyard, this one definitely has the most comical name! In fact, to call him such a thing almost seems rude, as if we’re accusing the poor fellow of cowardice. But no insult is intended; his name is meant to be descriptive, not demeaning.

As you can see, these woodpeckers have a pale splash of pastel yellow on their bellies, and are known to drill holes in trees with their beaks and then eat both the sap and the bugs that get stuck in it. So, the name is fitting, eh?

And honestly, who would dream of insulting such a well-mannered, handsome bird?

I think this guy could feel it in his feathers that the temps aren’t suppose to leave the teens for the next few days, and like many of the other backyard birds, was wisely taking advantage of some fast, free food.

I’m hoping he acquires an appetite for Bark Butter, and that he also learns to tolerate the presence of the old-greying camera lady – again, no insult intended!

3 thoughts on “No Insult Intended

  1. When I started turning grey, I decided to call it “silver”. It makes one feel so much better about it. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

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