Thirty-Bird Challenge: The Bedazzled Bird

I was sitting at my desk, this time last week, when a brilliant blur of green darted past the window. That could only mean one thing – it was time to put out the Hummingbird feeders!

Sure enough, this handsome Ruby-throated fellow (who logs in as bird #9 in the Challenge) has ben showing up every day since.

Often, his throat (aka – gorget) will appear to be a charcoal-ish color…

…but when the light hits him just right, well, then it’s easy to see why his name suits him so well!

When his ruby throat is gleaming and his emerald body is glittering, this guy looks downright bedazzled!

A couple of females (who have a white neck) have also been stopping by. This gal took a brief nip of nectar…

…and then perched and patrolled the area to chase away any unwelcome competition.

“We” planted a boat load of Zinnias this year, so we’re hoping to get an abundance of blossoms which will keep the Hummingbirds happy, which in turn will keep this Birdnerd happy!

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