Paris and Rome in a Day

Most years, I get my Mom a card for Mother’s Day and perhaps some flowers or a dessert, but this year I went all out and took her on an all expense paid day trip to Paris and Rome…well…Paris Lake, that is…in Rome, Georgia…but it was still a fun adventure!

I had been googling good places to birdwatch in the area and stumbled across this beautiful lake that has a 2 mile path that goes all the way around it. It was incredible, abounding in both beauty and birds!

Our first encounter was with a Red-tailed Hawk who came screeching toward us as soon as we had gotten out of the Jeep. I was still getting my camera gear situated when he came flying straight toward my head with a half dozen Blackbirds in hot pursuit. At the last second, he veered upward and landed on an overhead wire where he could defend himself a little better. I normally see Red-shouldered Hawks in my yard, so seeing him was a delightful way to start the day.

As we walked the short distance from the parking area to the lake, a Killdeer was bobbing along in the field beside us – another bird I rarely get to see, and we sere just getting started!

We took our time walking, taking in the beautiful scenery and keeping a lookout for birds. Along the way, we were treated to a ton of Red-wing Blackbirds…

…a gorgeous female Towhee…

…a handsome male Mallard traipsing through the clover…

…and a Northern Flicker happily foraging in the field, his beak dirty from his bug hunting efforts. You can tell its a male by the striking mustache.

I saved my favorite two birds for last, and I say “favorite” because I’d never gotten a chance to photograph them before.

This Eastern Kingbird was darting about, dipping and diving to catch insects. When I saw him land on a limb, I tiptoed closer and was pleased that he didn’t seem to mind my presence. Is he not magnificent?

And this Eastern Meadowlark was hunting in the same field as the Flicker.

Although his top feathers are on the dull side (allowing him to blend in with the dirt when predators are flying overhead), his underside is a bold yellow with a black “V” on his breast. I’m pretty sure the “V” stands for “vocal” or “vibrant” – both of which are true!

We saw so many wonderful birds, but the highlight of my day was spending time with this lady.

We may have only crossed counties instead of continents, but any day adventuring with my Mom is one to be treasured. Hey, maybe next year I’ll take her to Athens…Athens, Georgia that is!

14 thoughts on “Paris and Rome in a Day

  1. Oh my! I need to note this location for the next time I’m down in AL. We’re not far from the GA line. It looks like a perfect spot to explore. Thank you for sharing! I LOVE the Kingbird, so nice he moved to a naked branch so you could see his tail feathers more clearly, I love the white stripe along the bottom. I always think he’s sort of in a tux, he looks so formal and put together And the meadowlark! Oh my!! I think I’ve seen one, once, far far away. All of it was so cool!! And to do it with your mom, that makes it extra special.

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