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A Triple Taste of Independence

Three juvenile Red-bellied Woodpeckers showed up today shortly after I filled the feeders. It seemed that each was getting its first “taste” of independence! The first youngster chose the peanut pole as his personal feeding place. I think this one … Continue reading

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Wooing and Pursuing

Mating season is upon us, and the male Bluebird is doing his darndest to capture the attention and win the affection of his female counterpart. His wooing and pursuing have taken the form of striking impressive poses… …poofing his handsome … Continue reading

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Birds of Fall

Gold and copper Rust and brown Right-side-up and Up-side-down Black and white Big and small My backyard’s filled with the birds of fall!

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Dirty for Dinner

The Brown Thrasher always arrives looking like he has been rooting around in the mud…probably because that is exactly what he has been doing! I guess in his mind, the etiquette of washing up for dinner simply doesn’t apply to dirty … Continue reading

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Better Together

Some foods just go better together, wouldn’t you agree? Like burgers and fries. And chips and dip. And peanut butter and jelly. And worms and Bark Batter. Well…I haven’t actually tried that last combination, but I have it on good … Continue reading

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Do Butterflies Have Tongues?

I walked outside this afternoon to chat with my hubby, who was spreading a couple bags of mulch, and noticed this butterfly hovering around the Cone Flowers. As I zoomed in to get a closer shot, I noticed that it … Continue reading

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Breathe In…Breathe Out…

Today was one of those days…you know, the kind where your car starts beeping and flashing strange symbols on your dash because your coolant is leaking out and your spouse has to come and rescue you from the side of … Continue reading

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