Ghoulish or Gorgeous

At first glance, Grackles might seem to have a rather ghoulish appearance. Their gleaming gold eyes and midnight feathers make them fitting material for one one Poe’s poems!

But if you look at them more closely, these birds are actually rather gorgeous. When their iridescent feathers catch the light at the right angle they shimmer magnificently.

Whatever opinion you have of them, these ghoulishly gorgeous birds can sure pack away some peanuts!

5 thoughts on “Ghoulish or Gorgeous

  1. I think they are very handsome, colorful characters. I enjoy the crows at my feeding areas; they come in a noisy murder many days. I have seen grackles just a few times. When we lived in South Florida we saw their big cousins, the boat tailed grackles, around town & in the parks all the time.

  2. They’re name certainly doesn’t help to alleviate the perception of them being ghoulish, Kathy – “grackle” makes them sound like a witch’s pet! Perhaps their PR department should start working on that!

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