Ladies First

Hip hip hooray…the sun came out today!!!

The last several days have been rather dismal and drizzly, so I took advantage of today’s fair weather and put fresh water in all the birdbaths.

As soon as I finished the refilling process, this female towhee showed up and helped herself to a thorough soaking.





The male towhee must have been watching and waiting for his turn. Ever the gentleman, he let her finish bathing (ladies first, after all) and then he hopped in the water.


Before he could even get started, his bathing was interrupted by a thirsty Blue Jay – a bigger, bossier bird.


The towhee didn’t fuss or fight, he merely flew over to the waterfall fountain, which he had all to himself. He is such a handsome bird!





Meanwhile, once the Blue Jay finished his drink, he flew over to the feeder formerly known as a tree stump and helped himself to a beakful of peanuts.


It was lovely to get outside and enjoy some bird watching today.




8 thoughts on “Ladies First

  1. Wonderful photos! I do love the towhees, they are much more shy around here and don’t venture out of the brush and leaves very often. I don’t know if I’ve ever had one in my birdbath! Glad you saw some sunlight, it’s always hard when the winters get gray and dull.

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