A Triple Taste of Independence

Three juvenile Red-bellied Woodpeckers showed up today shortly after I filled the feeders. It seemed that each was getting its first “taste” of independence!

The first youngster chose the peanut pole as his personal feeding place. I think this one is a male because I can see a hint of red feathers on the top of his head.

The second opted to hang out and sample Bark Butter, and was quick to display a ruffled head feather warning when any other bird approached.

And the third, who seemed the youngest of the trio, was discovering the bounty of the peanut feeder.

To be honest, calling these Red-bellied babies “cute” is a bit generous, but one day they will be truly striking – like this full grown fellow below.

For now, I’ll just enjoy the pleasure of watching these juveniles discover the joys of my backyard feeders.

5 thoughts on “A Triple Taste of Independence

  1. Saw my first ever juvie red bellied yesterday, only noticed him because parent took a peanut from our feeder, flew up to his or her favorite part of a tree, then fed it to the juvie waiting in the leaves there. Was so fun to watch!

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