King of the Fountain

Did you ever play “King of the Mountain” when you were a kid? That game where you find a hill and try to push everyone else off.

Well, today I watched two robins playing “King of the Fountain.” In this great backyard bird battle (I’m pretty sure it was the featherweight division) each was determined to be the sole occupant of the refreshing water.

One would wade into the shallows and begin to splash about…


…while the other watched and waited for just the right moment to swoop in and claim the bathing area as its own.



Then the bird that had lost its spot in the bath would sit on the sidelines and wait for a chance to reclaim its territory.


Back and forth they went, neither one wanting to share.



By the time they threw in the towel, they were both thoroughly soaked and I had been thoroughly entertained.


Robins really are the best bath-takers.


2 thoughts on “King of the Fountain

  1. Great story, Kathy, and wonderful series of photos!! I don’t have a water feature, but I do enjoy watching birds in my bird bath. You are right, robins know how it’s done!

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