Look At Me!

Yesterday evening I grabbed my book-bag and headed out to the front porch, intent on enjoying a bit of reading and relaxation. I sat down in the mostly metal chair (which is surprisingly comfortable) and considered which book to choose.

I should pause here and tell you that I always carry at least six books in my book-bag: a book on the craft of writing, a book on photography, a biography to stretch me beyond the boundaries of my own little world, a novel, a book to nourish my walk with God, and a magazine of some sort.
So, my options for the evening were: The Glamour of Grammar (Hey, I already told you I’m a word nerd!); The Magic of Digital Nature Photography; The Sacred Journey, by Frederick Buechner; A Monstrous Regiment of Women, by Laurie King; Secrets in the Dark, also by Buechner; and ESPN Fantasy Football 2014 (I freely confess I am a fantasy football fanatic!).

Before I could open any of these tantalizing titles, a handsome male goldfinch landed on the tip- top of the Crepe Myrtle tree and began to serenade me with his lovely song.


I’m pretty sure when you translate it from Finch to English, the lyrics went something like this:

“Close the pages of your book and fix your eyes on me
Brilliant beauty, gleaming gold, perched high upon the tree
Feathers kissed by streams of sunlight, take another look
My song will soothe your restless soul, close the pages of your book”

 A more literal translation was probably something like this:

“Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!”


Now I realize that this little bird already had his shining moment when he starred as our “Bird of the Week” earlier this month; but really, how could I resist such a pretty face?

After gracefully singing his sweet lullaby for several minutes, he flew over to partake of some sunflower seeds. I’m pretty sure he falls into the “farm to table” variety of eater.


Next he helped himself to a refreshing drink of water, then flew back to his perch to resume his singing.



And he was right, my soul was definitely soothed.



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  1. Why thank you! I like The Magic of Digital Photography more for its inspiration than its information. He gives some good pointers for nature photography, but mostly it just stirs my desire to keep taking pictures. 🙂

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