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Another Zinnia Lover

So…turns out I’m not the only Zinnia lover around! This glorious male goldfinch (and a handful of his friends) have taken quite a liking to our colorful front yard flowers. So much beauty!

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A Sunflower’s Second Season

I like Sunflowers when they’re standing tall, petals fanned in flames of golden glory.  They are brilliant and beautiful and although the saying goes that they practically beg to be photographed, I’d say that one pleads for the privilege of … Continue reading

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Pretty Petal Picker

The Goldfinches are loving our Zinnias! I already gave the female finch a chance to shine in a previous post – and was honored to have fellow blogger Snehal Kank turn her photo into a beautiful painting – do check out this artists work!  I am in … Continue reading

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Feathers and Flowers

I walked outside to see if there were any butterflies fluttering around the front yard and instead found this sweet Goldfinch nibbling on the Zinnias. Feathers and flowers make a lovely combination!

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Feasting Finches

My front yard has been a flurry of finches lately.  These sweet little songbirds are constantly feeding on the Sunflowers that pop up during the summer months. Now, I know that I already devoted a previous post to the fine art of eating … Continue reading

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An Illustrated Guide To Sunflower Seed Eating

There’s an art to eating  sunflower seeds – just any old way won’t do. If you want to be certain you’re eating them right sit back, I’ll explain it to you. First you must locate a garden – for that’s … Continue reading

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Look At Me!

Yesterday evening I grabbed my book-bag and headed out to the front porch, intent on enjoying a bit of reading and relaxation. I sat down in the mostly metal chair (which is surprisingly comfortable) and considered which book to choose. … Continue reading

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