I’m Molting! I’m Molting!

Please tell me the Wicked Witch of the West was ringing in your ears when you read that title!

For birds, molting is when old feathers that are worn and damaged are replaced with new feathers.  Usually it is a slow process that happens a little at a time.  Most birds molt once a year, but some undergo this transformation two or three times a year.

cardinal 1
Right now, a motley crew of molting cardinals has taken up residence in my backyard.



When I see them, I cringe and yet have to smile.  They look pretty pitiful at the moment, but it won’t be long before they are truly beautiful.


You know, I often feel a bit like a molting bird!  God always seems to be at work in my life, pulling out a feather here and a feather there, and I’m pretty sure I too look pretty pitiful during the process.  But I figure if He can take comething that looks like this…


…and turn it into something that looks like this…


…then He must know what He is doing!

5 thoughts on “I’m Molting! I’m Molting!

  1. LOL! Very humorous post, and what a scraggly-looking, un-beautiful specimen of a cardinal. I have seen bald ones, but none that had as many missing feathers as the one above. He must have been trying to do a whole body molt all at once, instead of gradually over time.

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