Bathing Chickadee

I started to title this post “bathing chick” for short…but then thought better of it!  Although I do have to smile at the thought of disappointing those who might have googled merely to ogle.

At any rate, here are a couple photos of a Carolina Chickadee splashing about in a water dish on my deck.



To me, he is a picture of pure, uninhibited pleasure.  You can’t help but smile (and fight off a bit of envy) when you watch him.





7 thoughts on “Bathing Chickadee

  1. Hilarious! I’ve actually never seen the chickadees here use the bird bath. The robins bathe every day, sometimes several times. Maybe the chickadees like a little more privacy.

    1. Hello! Thanks for stopping in. The bird bath in the picture is a shallow, round deck mounted bird dish. But, I have a bit of an addiction, so I will go ahead and confess that I have 8 different places the birds can drink or bathe, plus a mister. I think I must have hoarding issues!

  2. I would definitely add a bird bath, or some sort of fountain. The sound of running water seems to lure them. Btw…I clicked on your blog and enjoyed the pictures. Nice work. I will now be following. 🙂

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