Just Around the Riverbend

Yesterday, my husband and I “adventured” (doesn’t that sound better than “ventured”?) to the North Georgia mountains and spent the day canoeing down the Chestatee River. The Chestatee (at least the section we were on) is a peaceful river with just enough rapids to convince me to leave my good camera behind. I did, however, carry my older Canon in a zip-lock bag so I could snap some pictures along the way.


I wish I could say I contibuted my fair share to the rowing effort, but that would be an over statement. Actually, that would be a flat out lie! I pretty much only picked up a paddle on those few occasions when we got stuck on a rock, and even then, I doubt my muscle made much difference. Most of the time, I simply sat and enjoyed the scenery and left the labor to my better half.

About an hour into the trip, we decided to beach the boat and explore for a bit. I busied myself taking pictures of a beautiful blue butterfly…

… and flowers

…and river rocks

…while Rick scavenged for good skipping stones.


Not only he is a proficient canoe paddler, he also is an expert at finding rocks with smooth, flat sides. A man of many talents; definitely a keeper!

Not to brag or anything, but we are both fairly skilled in the art of stone skipping (really, is there anyone who can resist the child-like allure of this activity?) so we stayed there for quite awhile applauding each others expertise.

I was constantly on the lookout for birds as we made our way down the river, but didn’t manage to get many photos. We saw Red-headed Woodpeckers and Eastern Phoebe and Green Heron, but none of them wanted to sit still and pose for a picture.  And alas, I have not yet mastered the art of photographing a moving bird from a moving canoe!

We did see plenty of turtles on our journey, leisurely sunning themsleves on rocks and tree limbs.  Usually, they would quickly slip into the water whenever we approached.

A Great Blue Heron played Pocahontas with us for much of the morning, staying “Just Around the Riverbend.” (You’ll only get that reference if you’ve watched as many Disney movies as I have.) Whenever our boat would come into view, he would fly to the next bend in the river. Eventually, he landed and lingered long enough for me to snap his picture.


All in all, it was a lovely day. I am hoping to go back in the fall, once the leaves start changing colors. I can’t even imagine how gorgeous it will be then.  And may I just give a shout out to Appalachian Outfitters? They run a first rate operation and I would definitely recommend using their services if you are ever in the Dahlonega area.

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  1. What a great outing!! Looks super-fun. We love our canoe, so I would totally enjoy this. Some great pics even if you had to use your old camera. 😀 (I had to laugh this morning because my hubby was doing some e-bay stuff and he uses my old Kodak and asked me to take a couple shots for him and I had forgotten how to use it! LOL I finally said, let me do it with the good camera! 🙂 )

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