I Call Him “Hector”

In my last post, I shared several pictures and a few fun facts (at least I hope they were fun) about the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds that have been hanging about in my backyard.

Well, I had a few more photos and it seemed a shame to keep them to myself…so…I figured I would post them and share a bit of personal information at the same time


If you have followed this blog for awhile, you probably already know that I occasionally give names to the birds that show up at my feeders.  Well, hummingbirds are no exception…I call them all “Hector.”  Actually, this is short for their more formal title of “Hector the Nectar Protector.”  If you have ever taken the time to observe these aggressive little birds, then the title will make perfect sense to you.  If not, stop reading, go buy a hummingbird feeder, and all will be made clear!




5 thoughts on “I Call Him “Hector”

  1. We had two hummingbirds battling over our feeder the last few week. Some of the aerial shows have been spectacular!

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