Why Blog About Birds?

Out of all the topics I could blog about, why in the world did I pick backyard birds???

Well, the reason is simple…that is the kind of beauty that God has made abundant and readily available to me. I have been blessed with a backyard that has a ton of birds!

Now, if my yard was full of lions (and how cool would that be?) then I would inevitably be blogging about ferocious felines…maybe something called “The Mane Idea.”

If tigers lurked about on the land behind my house (again, that would be way cool!) then my blog might be titled “Tiger Tails.”


And if my backyard was the roaming grounds for zebras, giraffes, or even apes (although I am not particularly fond of apes) then they would have the starring role on my WordPress website. By the way, is it obvious I went to the zoo yesterday?

As it is, in this season of my life, I can walk out onto my deck and never fail to find a beautiful bird waiting to greet me, practically posing to have its picture taken. This is a sweet gift to me. Perhaps one day I will move to Orca Island and write a “killer” new blog…but for now, I am more than content with my backyard birds.





4 thoughts on “Why Blog About Birds?

  1. I second that Kathy! Thanks! 🙂
    By the way if you had lions in your backyard, the first day you’d take pictures,the second day you’d be their lunch! (Just humor)

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