Birds, Barns, and What I Want to Be…

It’s official. When I grow up I want to be a “photogriter.”

I wish the word rolled off the tongue with greater ease (I promise, it does with practice) but at least it conveys the impulse to which I am a willing captive. I feel compelled to take pictures and then write about them; or write words and then take pictures about them. When I do one without the other it feels incomplete. When I do neither, I feel incomplete.

But I find myself in a bit of a quandary. This is suppose to be a bird blog, but many of the pictures I am taking these days are void of feathers. So, do I start a second site, or merely exert my author’s prerogative and post what I please? For now, I am choosing the latter, but I am not ruling out the former.

Today’s post is one of those that has nothing to do with birds; it’s about barns. Although I guess the two are five letter words that have the same start, middle and end – does that count?

Anyway, my husband had a “use it or lose it” vacation day, so we set off on a bit of a scavenger hunt. Our quest was to discover some barns to photograph – barns that had character. In reality, we ended up finding barns that had characters.

For example, this barn, nestled in the hills of North Georgia…


…belonged to these two characters.


They made me laugh as they came closer and snorted to get our attention. I’m pretty sure they were hoping we were the carrot-carrying kind, yet despite our lack of snacks, they seemed more than willing to pose for a few pictures.

When we pulled off to the side of the road to get a better view of this barn…


…this handsome fellow galloped over to greet us. And I do mean galloped. I had my eye to the viewfinder and heard his hoof beats before I saw him.


This barn was home to a rusty old vehicle, which did not come out to greet us.


And this barn…


…belonged to this incredibly sweet gal, who eagerly trotted toward us. Isn’t she a beauty?  And isn’t her mane to die for?


We had a lovely time driving around, surrounded by the colors of fall, photographing barns and petting horses. The day provided a simple kind of pleasure, but I think those are often the best. The whole experience brought me joy; sharing it here seems to make that joy all the greater.

Yes, when I grow up, I definitely want to be a “photogriter.”






14 thoughts on “Birds, Barns, and What I Want to Be…

  1. Very nice settings and great shots Kathy! That’s ok if there’re no birds…just don’t make a habit of it! 🙂

  2. Well you could always shorten the title of the blog to “backyard nerd” or perhaps, “musings from the backyard”. I have enough trouble keeping up with one blog, which takes up too much of my life, so I wouldn’t recommend starting another one. I like a little variety in subject matter actually, so I really enjoyed the views of the barns and their inhabitants.

  3. Kathy,
    It is your Blog. People who follow you know it’s your Blog. I see nothing wrong with photos that have different subject matter, just adjust the title as you have done. Your photos are of your bird friends, barns, or whatever with a story line. We all enjoy your photos and your writings.


  4. Loved all of these photos – and being a “horsey girl” I especially loved your equine subjects. 🙂 I think it’s okay to have a bit of diversity in your blog material. Also, I have found that our blogs have a tendency to evolve as we do. When I started mine, I really had no idea what I wanted it to be about. It took me more than a year to find my comfort zone and get a real vision for what I wanted it to be. I adore your bird posts, but I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed your other subjects as well.

    1. Seeing your comment brought back the memory of that day…it was such a fun time!
      And boy…reading the words “artist’s dream”…that makes my heart sing a little. 🙂

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