Splash Week – Day One

At the risk of sounding David and Bathsheba-ish, I love watching bathing birds! It always makes me smile to see them energetically splashing about, spraying water everywhere. There’s something mesmerizing about it. They tackle the task with such gusto!

And because I am sure you join me in this simple viewing pleasure, I hereby announce the long awaited, highly anticipated arrival of Splash Week! Think Shark Week, but with feathers instead of fins. For the next seven days, I will post seven pictures of seven birds all enjoying their bathing experience.

So, without further ado…may I present the female Eastern Towhee. I think she is one of the few birds that looks even prettier when her feathers are wet and ruffled.






Someone clearly forgot to tell this Brown Thrasher that he was in the splash zone. Warning: You will get wet in this seat!


She is such a gorgeous girl!

Stay tuned tomorrow, when the Tufted Titmouse will make his bathing debut…

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