A Tiny Taste Of Heaven

I’ve always heard that heaven will be perfect.  To me that means hanging out with Jesus, swimming with dolphins, and seeing Cedar Waxwings every day!

This morning I got a bit of a foretaste of what surely awaits.  In the early hours, as the sun was just spreading its rays across the backyard, an ear-full of waxwings (that’s what a group of these birds is called) landed on the tree branches.



They don’t come to my bird feeders, but they love the backyard waterfall!  Especially on cold mornings, when other water sources are frozen over.

I knew I only had a short amount of time to take pictures since I was leaving to watch my son coach his basketball team (I must love him to walk away from a backyard full of waxwings!) so I had my Canon firing away. I managed to get a single waxwing in the fountain…


And a pair…


And a trio…


And whatever you call a set of four…


And a whole mob!


They didn’t sit still for long while in the water.  They would dip, and drink, and then fly back off to the branches.  While one was drinking, another was waiting in the wings to take its place.  It was a constant blur of motion.



Once they finished in the fountain, they settled in to enjoy a bit more sunshine.



Stunning, breath-taking, dabomb.com (my daughter’s friend taught me that one!) – I can’t think of an adjective adequate enough to describe these beautiful birds…I guess heavenly will have to suffice!

13 thoughts on “A Tiny Taste Of Heaven

  1. Thanks so much Kathy, my wife and I were so impressed with the beauty of this bird and the clarity of your marvelous photos. Thanks so much, we do not have any waxwing specie in Australia, they are very handsome birds.

  2. What a wonderful blessing to have a flock of these arrive in your back yard and stick around for a few photos!! They are so gorgeous! Funny, but I never really noticed the yellow-tipped tail feathers and red-tipped wings before. I would have been mesmerized if I had seen them!

    Funny your mention of heaven, just the past weekend a friend texted me while I was up north and I replied to her that I was sitting in the warm, watching the birds through my kitchen window, my version of heaven. 🙂

  3. What a gorgeous series, Kathy, seeing them around the water and ice is beautiful! I love their distinct coloring and have only got to capture a flock once and not closeup. What a lucky sighting and photo op for you!! 🙂

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