A Splash Of Color

Seeing this colorful cardinal splashing about in the birdbath brightened my day, so I’m passing along these pictures with the hopes that he brightens your day too!






11 thoughts on “A Splash Of Color

  1. Kathy, Do you shoot in “auto” setting, or do you manually adjust? If so, which settings? I love your photography so much that I bought the same camera! Now I have to learn to use it! 🙂

    1. I manually adjust. I tend to keep my white balance on cloudy (even when it’s sunny), my exposure at -1/3, and use the fastest shutter speed and the widest aperture I can based on the lighting. When you first start playing with it, you might want to just use the AV setting and choose the widest aperture (lowest number) you can.
      I hope you love your new camera as much as I have…let me know if you get any fun shots!

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