Just Call Me Jimmy!

Did you ever see  Rear Window?  If not, stop right now and go get thyself this film.  It is on my top ten list of all time favorite movies.  Trust me, it is a “must see” regardless of your genre preference.

In this Hitchcock classic, starring Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly (who has to be the prettiest woman to have ever walked this planet), Stewart plays the role of L.B. Jefferies, a professional photographer confined to his apartment with a broken leg.  As he spends his days recuperating, Stewart’s character takes to “spying” on his neighbors through his apartment window, camera in hand, of course.

Well, yesterday, my husband (always amenable to my birdbrain ideas) knocked out the screen from our kitchen window so I could raise the glass and get a clear view of one of our bird feeding areas.  Turns out, it is a perfect picture taking spot.  Here is a male Eastern Towhee that showed up.



At one point, as I sat at the window with camera in hand, “spying” on my backyard birds, I called out to Rick, “I feel very Rear Windowish!”  He knew exactly what I meant, although I’m sure he was secretly hoping I would opt to play the part of Grace Kelly!  But alas, in this case, he’ll just have to call me Jimmy!

And in case you’re curious…these movies would also likely make my top ten list…although I confess I jotted them down with little contemplation…Finding Forrester, Second Hand Lions, The Princess Bride, To Catch A Thief, Field of Dreams, Lady Hawke, Pretty Woman, any classic Disney (though Jungle Book is tops!) and The Dark Knight Rises – only because Catwoman and Batman get together, like I always knew they would!

19 thoughts on “Just Call Me Jimmy!

  1. Great list! I enjoy all of those movies. My top 10 is rather pretentious so I won’t share it (Ghostbusters is on it though…and Fargo…and Pulp Fiction…ok, that’s all your getting). You should check out my blog at harrclin.wordpress.com. I’ve written about a few of those and the effect they had on me growing up. Great post!

    1. I stopped by your blog and it made me smile. Sounds like we saw a lot of the same movies! I loved The Neverending Story, couldn’t sleep after Poltergeist, and have to confess that I cried when the dog died in Jaws. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. The bad guy on “Rear Window” was actor Raymond Burr (Remember Perry Mason or Ironside on TV?). My favorite movie is “Casablanca”.
    Nice captures Kathy! Thanks for the nice post! 🙂

  3. Top moves, let me see. “Prince of Tides” “Dead Poets Society” “Splendor in the Grass” (sob, sob) and Madame X (the original with Lana Turner.) Glad I watched “Finding Forrester” with you. Loved it. And, right now I’m recommending “American Sniper.” It’s so well done.

  4. How lovely that your hubby did that for you, and what a blessing to have that window outlook to your birds! I always love your pics Kathy, around the food and water feeders. These are birds we don’t have down our way.I like the reflection in the water also. I love photographing bird reflections, the Black-winged Stilt is my favorite reflecting bird from down our way.

      1. Yes Kathy, the important tip for reflections is perfectly still water, usually with dark base beneath, and light behind you. I find the waders like the black- winged stilt ideal when they are grazing on the shallow sand flats at low tide, I have some beautiful pics of them. Black and white birds always look best I think. The stillness of water and light are important, hope this helps.

  5. What a pretty bird and what nice photos. ‘Rear Window’ is definitely on my top ten list, as are ‘On the Beach’ and ‘Forbidden Planet’. I like the oldies. There probably isn’t a movie on my top ten list that was made after 1985!

    1. Nothing compares with the oldies. I got my husband a bunch of old movies for Christmas…we’ve watched “His Girl Friday” and “Bringing Up Baby” – next is “Philadelphia Story.” I’ll have to check out your other choices. 🙂

      1. Anything with Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart has to be good! My husband and I both like sci-fi so I have a lot of favorites in that genre –‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ (original version of course). ‘Final Countdown’ is also good.

  6. We must be kindred spirits. I sit in my 4-season porch shooting photos through the window, unfortunately, because subzero temps are just too cold to open them, and I totally agree with your favorite movie choices. Have seen them all and love them. Those are fabulous shoots of the towhee by the way.

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