Take Time For Reflection

“Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real, and you’re just the reflection?”  Bill Watterson


“Habits rule the unreflecting herd.”  William Werdsworth


“What if we were to realize that every sunset viewed, every sexual intimacy enjoyed, every favorite food savored, every song sung or listened to, every home decorated, and every rich moment enjoyed in this life isn’t ultimately about itself but is an expression and reflection of God’s essential character? Wouldn’t such beautiful and desirable reflections mean that their Source must be even more beautiful — and, ultimately, most desirable?”  Steve DeWitt

My thanks to my friends over at  aussiebirder who were willing to give me a few tips on capturing reflections.  You should check out their site if you have a chance.
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13 thoughts on “Take Time For Reflection

  1. Thanks so much Kathy for your kind words, and for sharing my site on your blog, Love your post and pics, they reflect the true depth and quality of the thoughtful caring person you are, thanks again!

  2. Loved the Calvin & Hobbes reference – another of my favorites! 🙂

    More wonderful photos, Kathy. I am looking forward to the white-throated sparrow’s return to the north. 🙂

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