Teenage Mutant Northern Cardinal

My Mom and Dad, who are fellow bird nerds, sent me a picture this morning of a Cardinal that has been hanging out at their feeders.  This fellow has a major beak deformity, but he is still managing to scoop up seed.  Cool?  Creepy?  I can’t decide.


7 thoughts on “Teenage Mutant Northern Cardinal

  1. It does look like plastic, but I’m pretty sure that is this poor guys beak. They sent a few other pictures that gave a bit better angle. I had never seen such a thing, so I “googled” it. Apparently, it’s more common than I knew.

  2. Ohhhh, poor, poor baby!! That broke my heart. Definitely a deformation going on. Poor thing!! I wonder if they should make a report to the local Audubon Society or DNR. (Just in case of disease.)

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