A Day In The Life Of A Brown Thrasher

The other day, I was entertained by the antics of a Brown Thrasher who was hanging about in my backyard.

When I first noticed him, he was standing on a stump, eyeing the feeder hanging six feet over his head.


After a bit of contemplation, he swooped up into the air, chiseled off a chunk of Bark Butter, then landed in the mulch to eat it.  He could have chosen to cling to the side of the feeder, but these birds prefer to eat on the ground.


After several beakfuls of food, he perched on the edge of the birdbath and helped himself to a refreshing drink.


With his hunger satisfied and his thirst quenched, he flew over to the fountain and stood on a rock along the side of the water.  I think a good title for the Brown Thrasher would be “the bird who is of the order of the perpetually dirty beak.”


Before long, he was immersed in the water, enjoying a luxurious soaking.  I love the richness of his cream and copper colors.



When he finally emerged, his feathers were poofed and ruffled from his cleaning, but his beak still sported a spot of mud.


I could sit and watch this fellow all day long and never get the slightest bit bored!


7 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of A Brown Thrasher

  1. Great series and action shots, Kathy, superb eye capture, they have such gorgeous eyes! I’m with you on watching birds all day long and never getting bored. Today was one of those days for me! 🙂

  2. Birds out the window sure do make it difficult to get things done! Even with our sub-zero temps and snow and wind, they have kept me entertained!

    Wonderful photos of a beautiful bird. God sure has blessed us with these wonderful feathered creatures!

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