An Afternoon Lunch Guest

A Hermit Thrush popped in for a quick visit this afternoon.


These birds are just a tad smaller than Cardinals, and spend their winters here in the south.



It is not often that I see one feasting at my feeders, but the weather here has been below freezing and I think he (or she, I can’t really tell) decided to take advantage of a ready made lunch.


He squawked to scare off a Warbler and then perched to partake of some Bark Butter that was spread on the backside of the branch.



This bird is not bold or stunning, but I still think he is beautiful.Β  I am glad he showed up when I had my camera handy.


10 thoughts on “An Afternoon Lunch Guest

  1. The song of the hermit thrush is my FAVORITE summer “up north” sound! I could listen to their flute-like melody all day long. It always brings a bit of an ache to my heart, when they begin to serenade in the summer evenings.

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