Downy’s Delight

This male Downy Woodpecker was delighted to discover the fresh suet cake (Audubon peanut blend; $1.44 at Walmart) I recently put out.



If you look closely at the next picture, you can see him sticking out his tongue to grab a small portion.



I love how he uses his tail to help balance and support his weight, just like he does when he is on a tree trunk.  I guess the fine folks who designed this feeder knew what they were doing!


3 thoughts on “Downy’s Delight

  1. What a great photo of him actually “eating”! Call me crazy but for an instant it reminded me of that scene in “A Christmas Story” where the boy gets his tongue stuck to the metal pole… okay, it is Sunday, it snowed yet again, and I am feeling silly, LOL

  2. Ok…no lie…when I posted that picture I told my husband that it reminded me of the scene where the kid gets his tongue stuck to the metal flag pole! You’ve got to stop reading my mind. 🙂

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