Leaving The “PG” Rating Behind

Many of the young birds in my backyard have surpassed the “PG” rating and are now showing up without any parental guidance.  This male Downy is one of them.downy5You can tell he is still a youngster because he is furtive and tentative…


…and because he still has a plump, speckled belly.


He approaches the feeders cautiously, and will hide on the underside of a branch if he feels threatened.  I’m not sure why, but I find this endearing!


The red patch on top of his head also marks him as a babe. When he becomes an adult, these colorful feathers will be found on the backside of his head.


All the baby birds that visit the backyard are fun to watch, but the Downy’s are especially delightful!


14 thoughts on “Leaving The “PG” Rating Behind

  1. Thanks for blogging about this. You have become my backyard reference. I am also enjoying the new birdies. There seems to be some type of pecking order that I haven’t figured out yet the cardinals seem to be most aggressive in taking over the feeder.

    1. There is definitely a pecking order…and each backyard seems to have its own bullies. My Mockingbirds and Robins get aggressive. My Blue Jays are actually a bit wimpy! Glad you are enjoying your birds. 🙂

  2. I love to see the downy woodpeckers at my feeder too. I learned something new about the babies by reading your post today. I didn’t know they had speckled bellies and that the red patch moved as they matured. Thanks for the new info.

    1. Well…last year I named the young Downy “Corte’s” (since he was such an explorer)…so perhaps we’ll add an “o” and call this one “Roberto.” 🙂

  3. Downy woodpeckers are such sweet visitors to the yard, and there is just something extra-precious about the little ones! You captured this one’s inquisitive personality perfectly in your photos!

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