Sunday Evening Post: The Hummingbird Edition

I have two  man-made Hummingbird feeders in my yard (both of which are quite lovely) but these little birds clearly prefer the God-made feeders that are growing in my garden.

This past week, I went out several times, trying to get some clear pictures. May I just say, these fellows fly far faster than I can focus!

Here are seven of my favorite photos from the week.





I am not a huge fan of Canna Lilies, but the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds seem to love them, so I guess these flowers have found a safe home in our garden.

25 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Post: The Hummingbird Edition

    1. Well then, since they are your favorite, I am glad I was able to post some pictures of them. 🙂 I was sitting on my front porch yesterday evening, reading my Bible, and one kept hovering about a foot away from my face. He was lovely company.

      1. Yes! I liked that one and the one directly above or below, sorry I’m on the Pad or I’d look… was the second and third photos from the bottom that were my favorite. Are you thinking of entering one into a competition?

  1. I miss seeing them. There were about three-four of them that would come by daily. I’ve moved across the country and haven’t seen them since. So sad. Yours is lovely. Wonderful capture!

    1. I love the challenge of trying to get pictures that aren’t a total blur! At first these little guys made me nervous, because they would dart right in front of my face. Now I am quite fond of them.

    1. On the shots where the wings were less blurred, the shutter speed was about 1/1000. I kept it on Tv mode and let the camera decide on the aperture and the ISO. Trust me, I had a ton that didn’t turn out at all. 🙂

  2. I have a severe case of Hummingbird Envy! In all my life I have only once seen ONE, and that was in my first garden. I was so shocked that I almost fell over, lol. I still remember what it was feeding on: a smallish Buddleia alternifolia, and I also recall feeling surprised that it had chosen a non-red flower. It was a male Rubythroat, btw.
    Have never seen one since. 😦

    1. Thanks. I had fun stalking them last week trying to get some decent photos!
      Hadn’t planned on the Birds and Blooms contest, but who knows, maybe I’ll check it out. 🙂

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