Every Bird Has Its Beauty

My favorite kind of blog posts are the ones that practically write themselves, like when  a bird shows up and shares a story that simply must be told. My tied for favorite kind of post is when a beautiful bird pays a visit to my backyard and all but begs me to take its picture…while it stands like a statue…in perfect lighting.

But not every bird arrives with a narrative riding on its wings, and not every bird is so stunning that you simply have to share its photograph. Still, I like to think that every bird has a beauty of its own and deserves its moment to shine. Here are a few recent visitors that fit in this category.

This male House Finch doesn’t stand out in a crowd, but aren’t his raspberry patches lovely?


And this young Robin, wearing his autumn colors, reminds me of a piece of candy corn.

robinThis  sleek Catbird is several shades of grey (thankfully, not fifty) and, unbeknown to most,  has a rusty red rump that you can see just a hint of in this picture.


And finally, this mottled mess of a young Red-winged Blackbird has a mosaic majesty all his own.


They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but I think if we have eyes to see there is always beauty to behold.

And I’m pretty sure what goes for birds goes for people too…there is always beauty to be seen, although sometime we have to look carefully to see it…okay… sometimes we have to look very carefully!


17 thoughts on “Every Bird Has Its Beauty

  1. those last two paragraphs – wow – such words of wisdom – beautiful post – on so many levels my bird nerd buddy!

  2. We had several baby Robins at the lake this summer. They were so fun to watch! Enjoyed your post and photos very much! 💜🐦😄

    1. Thanks. Not sure what it says about me that I find it easier to see the beauty in ugly birds than I d0 in less than lovely people (I’m talking internal, not external appearance) …but hey, I’m working on it!

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