Cardinals In My Backyard (But Not On My Team)

The NFL season officially kicks off today, and do you know what that means?
It means that I will be glued to my television, fanatically cheering on the players that have earned a  spot on my fantasy football roster!  Being a birdnerd (and an Atlanta area resident) I have a few falcons on my team, as well as an eagle for my starting running back; but alas, there are no cardinals in my line up.

But there’s no cause for avian alarm, for although these bright birds are absent from my team, they are abundant in my backyard.

This fellow showed up today and let me take his picture in between rain showers.



Isn’t he handsome?



I am so glad that he has all but finished molting and is once again proudly displaying his radiant red feathers.



And don’t let the head tilt fool you, he really wasn’t the least bit shy!

And now…are you ready for some football?  I know I am!

22 thoughts on “Cardinals In My Backyard (But Not On My Team)

  1. I’m not much into football but my husband is… I’d rather be painting or drawing! LOL! Your cardinal photos are so awesome! Maybe I can try painting one while my hubby is watching football. 😄

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