Back With A Splash

I am happy to report (okay, more like thrilled or ecstatic) that my bluebirds are back!
They had a brood of babies in June, and then disappeared for the summer months.

One of the males stopped by this afternoon for a quick bath.




Hopefully, they are here to stay for awhile and will take the time to pose for many pictures in the months ahead.

13 thoughts on “Back With A Splash

  1. Kathy this is your ‘Bluebird of Happiness’ as it brings in the spring for you and to your heart also. When I see the waders return it thrills me also, as you will see in my upcoming posts. What a delightful bird your Bluebird is.

  2. I have not seen them use my bird bath, but I did buy the plastic one you received as a gift and we will see how that works. Thanks again for all the posts!

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