The First Shall Be Last

The temperature dipped below freezing last night, leaving a thin layer of ice on several of the water dishes.  This tends to make my birds antsy, despite the fact that there are other water dishes that stay heated.

As soon as I went out and added fresh water, the birds began showing up.
The first to arrive was a beautiful Blue Jay, whom I had seen earlier examining the ice.



A female Towhee and a White-throated Sparrow shared a drink…


…as did a male Towhee and a Carolina Wren.


A female Cardinal was in no hurry when her turn came around…


…and a Brown Thrasher opted for a rather rowdy bath.  I know, there’s one in every crowd, right?


The last bird to arrive before I capped the camera lens happened to be the first, so I’ll close with a pair of Blue Jay pictures.  I love when their crowns poof up.



The birds were grateful for the fresh water, and I was grateful to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.  Ah…simple blessings.

16 thoughts on “The First Shall Be Last

  1. Thanks again for sharing the lovely birds from your garden Kathy. Your Blue Jay is certainly a very handsome bird. It is also encouraging to see the way in which the different birds share the bath together, and do not fight over it. Some of our birds would exclude others. Have a great week!

  2. Your birds are so fortunate to have you! 🙂 I don’t have any bird baths or water for mine ….. I would love to see a panoramic photo of your “backyard” 🙂

    1. It’s funny, my backyard is about a third of an acre in a suburban subdivision. I just happen to have a lot of trees and a nice selection of birds. But Jodi – you MUST get some sort of water dish or bird bath…put it on your Christmas list. 🙂

  3. You would think their sharp beak could poke right through the film of ice, but they don’t ever seem to do that. Those are some lovely bird portraits!

  4. I love being outdoors so much that during a long work week I miss it. Your photos always bring me a smile and I love catching a new blog during the commute home (while my husband drives) because it makes me smile 😊

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