Birds Before Breakfast

There are many mornings my backyard birds arrive and begin looking for breakfast long before I have had a chance to refill the feeders.

The more patient ones land and politely look about, like this Cardinal and Titmouse.



Others, like this Towhee, are a bit pathetic (and make me feel guilty) as they hover around an empty dish.


And then there are those that seem very put out as they sift through the remnants of yesterday’s seed…


like this Blue Jay, who shot me a rather perturbed look when he failed to find any peanuts.


Hey, I hate to keep them waiting, but let’s be real – food for them comes after Folgers for me!

22 thoughts on “Birds Before Breakfast

        1. Laura – you make me smile! I will have to add this new title to my resume. And btw…I stopped by the post office today so be expecting a package around Monday. 🙂

  1. I love your bird pictures! When I lived in Indiana for a year, I had a feeder outside my kitchen window and could watch the birds all the time….I miss my little buddies!

  2. Yes indeed, coffee must come first! I so enjoy all your pictures. Your birds are just beautiful and you capture their personalities so very well! Happy Thursday! Koko 🙂

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