Hiding From His Harem

I’ve never seen the show The Bachelor, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been watching the bird version played out in my own backyard.

Three female Bluebirds have been shamelessly vying for the attention of a lone male.  The poor fellow can’t get a moment’s peace.  If he flies to the Bark Butter branch…


…then you can be certain one of the ladies will be landing there as well.


If he stops in for a drink of water, then suddenly one of them has developed quite a thirst.



Looks like he’s doing his best to ignore her, wouldn’t you say?


If he lands on the limb…you guessed it…she shows up!



Now, pairing up isn’t suppose to take place for a couple more months, but these gals seem to have set their sights on this handsome male.  When they are not bickering with each other, they are following him about from one place to another.

When I was watching the drama unfold yesterday, he managed to slip away and hide from his harem for a bit.  I think he disappeared for a quick bath in the front yard, because he returned with a wet-feathered look, and a don’t bother me expression.


bluebird11And still she followed!


Later, I had to laugh when he landed on the deck rail to munch on some mealworms.


Before he could finish his snack, one of the females was in hot pursuit.  I think she wanted him to offer her some food, but he is not quite ready to declare a mate and opted to let her fend for herself.


He looked none too pleased by her presence.



I want to urge this aggressive trio to back off a bit, maybe play a little hard to get; but I fear my pleas would fall on deaf ears.

And as for the poor male…I guess beauty is a burden he is destined to bear.


I’m not sure how long this drama will last, but I have to say, it is far more entertaining than any show on television.



21 thoughts on “Hiding From His Harem

  1. Way more entertaining! Oh my goodness. These images are tremendous. I love bluebirds. And as much as I love the beautiful colors of the male, my favorite image of these is the fourth from the bottom, of the female. Doesn’t it almost look like she’s ready to bat her eyelashes? hehe! Love the angle of her body and her big eye there! Wow, really looking forward to having some time to draw these. These are fantastic, Kathy. Thanks for sharing them with us. ❤

  2. Yes Kathy, it is interesting to see and laugh at the similarities of the birds rituals with our own. As my book shows we can even learn from their innate wisdom in life. Glad you enjoy your birds as I enjoy mine. Happy and Blessed Christmas to you and the family:-)

  3. How interesting — and we thought the males chased the females. Seems to be the other way around in your yard. Excellent story there Kathy!

  4. Poor guy, he’s become the involuntary Valentino. Lots of entertaining drama though, and may we learn from this that beauty can be a burden too 🙂 Great story and shots, Kathy!

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