Singing A Sunshiny Song

The word of the week here in Georgia has been RAINY – yep – capital letter RAINY!

Yesterday, during a brief reprieve from the wet weather, this handsome Pine Warbler perched in the Dogwood and sang his sunshiny song.




It made my heart happy – both to see the sun in the sky and to hear this brilliant little bird singing his lovely song.

11 thoughts on “Singing A Sunshiny Song

  1. The Yellow Bird of Happiness! 😀 Beautiful, Kathy! The perfect bit of sunshine to decorate your yard. We have the gloominess here too (but with no snow and warmer temps., I’m not complaining!). God sent this sunshine straight to you!

  2. Is he any relation to Wendy Warbler?! Lol! See my Wacky Wednesday post if you haven’t already! My days blend together so forgive me if you already commented on my post, Kathy. I tend to create silly birds when life is stressful. 😜🎨🐤

    1. Fairly certain it’s her twin brother Walter Warbler! Keep being wacky in the year ahead – it helps us all take a breath and smile for a moment! 🙂

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