More Fierce Than Festive

It seems fitting to write about the Red-bellied Woodpecker the day after Christmas.  After all, this bird wears his Christmas cap all year round.


But don’t let his festive attire fool you! Tis the season for him to display quite the Ebenezer attitude – aggressively claiming his territory and fiercely chasing other males away.


A female has been showing up too, but she is a bit skittish.  I think she is on her guard since there is so much testosterone in the air!



Despite their scroogishness, these guys (and gals too) really are beautiful birds.  I sometimes go outside and pretend like I am seeing them for the very first time just so I can marvel all over again!

red-bellied4The good news is they reserve their miserly mindset for other males and don’t seem to mind my presence in the least.  I’m pretty sure they have come to recognize the hand that feeds them!

14 thoughts on “More Fierce Than Festive

    1. They do have a hint of rusty red on their breast, but the main reason is because there is another woodpecker with a totally red head that has the honor of having that name. 🙂

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