A Birdacious Beginning

This new year is off to a birdacious beginning!
A constant flurry of birds stopped by yesterday to ring in the new year.
The Bluebirds showed up and lingered about for most of the day.



And the Blue Jays kept coming as long as there were peanuts to be found.


I was delighted that the Yellow-rumped Warblers were back in full force.  I truly adore these little guys.  It’s easy to see why they’re called Butter-butts!



A female Pine Warbler also made an appearance.  She is a much softer shade of yellow than her male counterpart.


And (woohoo!) I caught a brief glimpse of my first Cedar Waxwing of the season.  I so hope I can get some good photos of them during the winter months. Their markings are amazing!


My favorite visitor of the day was a female Red-bellied Woodpecker.  I liked her so much that I’m going to save her for a separate post, but I’ll at least share one picture today.


Here’s hoping that 2016 is a bountifully birdacious year!



21 thoughts on “A Birdacious Beginning

  1. What a birdacious beginning, Kathy!! Each one is so lovely, and you take excellent photos, always so sharp and clear. What a day to see and photograph all of these from your backyard, lucky girl!!

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