Feathers to the Fountain

As I sit here sorting through some of my pictures, it seems several birds made a stop to wet their feathers in the backyard waterfall over the weekend.

This Robin showed up and splashed about…


…as did this female Towhee.


But my favorite Saturday bath-taker was this male Cardinal.  At first, he stood on the rocks by the edge of the fountain, carefully surveying the area.


Then he cautiously made his way into the water, all the while keeping his eye on me.


After deciding I was not a threat (or perhaps just shedding his modesty) he relaxed and spread out his feathers to soak a bit.


He fluctuated between wing-flapping bursts of rowdiness and moments of more refined behavior.



I just love the droplets on his feathers.


Birds and water are truly an enjoyable combination.



18 thoughts on “Feathers to the Fountain

  1. Love the pictures! I had a red-headed woodpecker at my feeder over the weekend. First in a long time. It takes so little to excite me. Today only old starlings eating up my seed. Bummer.

    1. Hmmm…I was probably about 15 feet away from the fountain. When I am on the deck taking pictures of the birds on the branches, it’s probably more like 10 feet. Of course, I am terrible with judging distance!

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